Winter Prep: Outdoors

It had been over 12 months since the gutters had been cleaned and with the rainy fall season in full swing we knew we needed to take advantage of a 70 degree weekend to get the job done. So for the first time since we moved in I climbed up on to the roof, a task which proved slightly more nerve-racking than I thought it would, to clean out the gutters.

Gutter Clutter

The gutters were worse than I thought they would be, with some sections of the gutters sprouting 2-3″ tree saplings and others containing little ecosystems. There was a Christmas tree’s worth of pine needles covering the roof which I swept onto the ground for future retrieval. I also found that the ridge vents over the office roof were snapping in a few different areas but thankfully the skylights still seem to be in good shape.

Roof View
Peddy did not feel comfortable jumping from the top step of the ladder onto the roof so he moved the ladder around the house to get at the gutters while I cleaned them from the roof. It was nice to have him around and made me feel better about leaning over the edge of our house. Peddy cleaned out the air conditioner and then wrapped it with a tarp for winter. When the gutters were done we turned off the water spouts and drained the hoses so we are ready for the first frost. It took us about an hour and a half to winterize the house which is not bad considering all we did. We felt great when it was done but the best part was getting out to enjoy the last nice weekend of the year.

Do not try this at home!

While I was editing this post we had  steady rainfall which lasted for hours and was on and off all day, I am happy to report that the gutters are working great!

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