Since today is Earth Day I decided I had to post about our most recent outdoor project (even though it’s not 100% done yet).

You may recall my post back in December (Snow Day) where I showed you guys a picture of the damage done to our trees by the heavy snowfall. You can see three broken branches in the picture below but we had a total of five break.

Broken Trees

A quick reminder of what it looked like back in December.

Now that the temperatures are starting to get above freezing (consistently) and the sun has dried out most of the yard, we decided we could not put their disposal off any longer. Instead of renting a chain saw, which was our original plan, we got out our old and somewhat rusty ax and began chopping away!

Kal Choppin Wood

I started battling with some of the larger branches only to be defeated, luckily I had my man to back me up and he was able conquer them! After my defeat I decided to pick on branches my own size, cleaning the small branches off the big ones. (Let’s hope I never get stranded in the woods ’cause my survival skills are dearly lacking!)

After about the fourth hour, with our strength diminishing, we called it a day and decided we would rent a chain saw in the coming week(s) to finish cutting the remaining branch and to clean up the trunks of the trees that broke.

It’s amazing how much more sunlight the backyard gets now that almost all the large branches are gone. Hopefully that will mean more grass for us this year since we don’t have as many pine needles to contend with (pine needles cause the acidity level of the soil to rise which can then kill off the grass). We even sparked up a conversation about removing a majority of the evergreens and replacing a few of them with something else. But for now we have bigger fish to fry.

Chop N Grill

We ended the day with two large piles of branches, which hopefully the city will come collect before all the grass beneath the one dies.

Branch Piles

Happy Earth Day!! Hope you got out and enjoyed the fresh spring air.

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