Tickled Pink

What happens when you run out of paint 2/3 rds the way through a project and then quickly run to the store without writing anything down? Why you bring home the wrong paint color, that’s what (or at least that’s what I did)!

Then in an attempt to remedy my mistake I thought “Why not paint the hallway?!” Although it seemed like a great idea at the time almost three years later I could barely stand to look in its direction. Let’s just say that my vision for our house did not include three different shades of brown.

Hallway Brown (B4)

So during a shopping outing to our local Habitat ReStore (in preparation for our Whirlwind Weekend) I instructed Peddy to browse the paint section and look for something light and bright (and NOT brown) that we could use in the hallway.

Hallway Brown b4

Due to the stores limited hours I was unable to join him on this trip but he did text me the two color options they had available… either blue or pink.

Txt Hallway Color OptionsFor those of you who don’t know I have a slight obsession with the color pink. Something many people thought (perhaps hoped) I would outgrow. But I didn’t and even painted my room cotton candy pink my Sophomore year of high school. Since then I have tried to control the amount of pink in my life and not force it upon others (because it can easily get out of hand!).

Kallie's Pink Room

That being said, Peddy was fully aware of what he was getting himself into when he gave me a color choice that included pink AND in my defence our bedroom (which is adjacent to the hallway) is blue, sooo I told him to get the pink and BONUS it was $10 cheaper than the blue to. Totally ment to be! (I mean you can’t beat $15 for 4.5 gallons of paint!!)

When we popped the lid of the paint we were both a little shocked at what we saw…

Pink Paint UnMixed

thankfully it lightened up after a good mixing!

Pink Paint Mixed

After taping off the trim and ceiling I started by painting the edges and corners with a paint brush before switching to a roller for the large areas. It didn’t take long since it was such a small area but it made a big difference

Hallway Pink AfterIt is especially nice to see a pop of color when you first enter the house!

Pink After Entry

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