The Ants Go Marching One to None

“Hurrah, Hurrah”

You may recall our basement ant problem from last month, if not you can read about it in this post. Thankfully, the bait traps seem to have done their job because I have not seen a single ant in the basement since the first week the bait was out.

After a few days (with the bait out) we noticed a significant drop in the number of ants walking around the basement.  Since week one  I have not seen a single ant in the basement. I would have written this update sooner but I was worried that the ants may have ventured outside due to the warmer weather we are having or perhaps they simply relocated to another area of the house and they would come back or we would discover them elsewhere. Alas, it seems that the bait has done its job and the ants are gone for good!

I would highly recommend the Raid Ant Bait’s to anyone with ant problems, they certainly took care of our ant infestation for a minimal cost, and that’s always the goal. So here’s hoping that we never write about an ant problem again! *Fingers Crossed*

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