Style Makeover: Dining Room

Finally there is a room in our house which we are proud to unveil (even though it’s not even 100% complete we still have some finishing touches to add). We were able to transform our cluttered, disorganized dining room into a warm, open, inviting space with a few simple changes. We can not stop admiring our work.

(Can you blame us?!?!)

I will not be sharing a before photo because honestly, I am just too embarrassed. It was heading towards “Hoarders” territory, ok maybe it wasn’t quite that bad, we didn’t have anything rotting but we certainly had a lot of crap. After dealing with this for countless months on end we finally decided we’d had enough and after a little motivational speech from my man I got my butt up and we got to work. Here is the original before which we took before we started renovating.


We began by clearing out everything we could in order to vacuum and to gain better access to the windows, which we washed inside and out. (Thankfully this is a fairly easy task for us because all our new windows are double hung.) Once all the decorative decor was cleaned we discussed a plan for change. One of our main challenges with the house is the layout. We have a fairly small home, our dining room measures 7′ x 7.5′ with the doorway into the kitchen centered on the wall between the two, creating an aisle through the middle of the dining room (see the above before photo). This invisible aisle creates a challenging styling obstacle for us because I want to very easily be able to access our kitchen. We decided to put the sofa table in the dining room after mounting our TV which used to reside on it. It was a great size for the wall and gave us a little more storage space in the dining room. We found the mirror (which measures 2.5′ x 3.5′) about a year ago while pursuing the aisles at Home Depot on sale for $15!! Up until this point the mirror has rested on the table leaning back against the wall and has been held in place by a strip of white non-slip cupboard liner (what an eye sore that was). Peddy also pointed out that it was a great cat hazard due to the tiny tunnel made by the angle of the mirror. So we decided that instead of leaning the mirror against the wall that we should just hang it.

We grabbed a tape measure and got measuring both the sofa table top and the mirror….
Sofa Table Width: 54″
Mirror: 41.5″ w x 29.5″h
Bottom of Mirror to Hanging Hardware: 20″
Distance between Hanging Hardware: 38.5″
Holding the mirror up to the wall we decided that we wanted it to be about 7″ from the table top.

Using a pencil and tape measure we marked the wall at the center of the sofa table (27″) and then measured up 27″ (height of hangar on mirror, 20″, + distance from table top to bottom of mirror, 7″) and placed a mark, this was to get the correct height for the hooks. Both of the hanging hoops on the back of the mirror measured at the same height, so to ensure we nailed the hooks at the same height we used a large metal ruler, pencil and level to draw a straight line on the wall. We then marked where the hooks should hang on the line.

Once the hooks were in place we hung the mirror we checked it with the level, just to double-check.

We finished off with some decorative decor and fresh flowers with Peddy had surprised me with a few days prior.

In total the project took us about 2.5 hours from start to finish and didn’t cost us anything since everything we used we already owned. It has really made the space feel larger, brighter and more open. I believe it has something to do with how much taller the ceiling seems because the mirrors frame now sits above our heads. So happy to finally have a room which is feeling finished.

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