Snow Day

Snowy House

Last year had me wondering, but yesterday confirmed, that we do indeed live in the Midwest! We got around 12″ of snow and had winds up to 20 mph creating blizzard conditions in many areas. My workplace decided to close the day prior so I hunkered down with the pets as Peddy braved the weather and went to work for a majority of the day (thankfully he made it home safely!).

2012 Christmas Tree

While Peddy was working I spent the day trying to clean and organize the house as well as put up the remaining Christmas decorations, including our 4′ tree.

Queen of the mound

Lina and I tackled the mound of snow left behind by the first plow so that Peddy could pull in when he got home. We also had some fun trying to run around and play fetch in the backyard.  Some of us more than others.

Snow Day

We went out to shovel and assess the damage to the trees due to the heavy snow today. During the storm our neighbors had a tree branch snap and fall less than an inch from Peddy’s car (which would have been the third tree incident with his car this year). Upon our inspection we found a total of three trees on our property which had snapped under the weight of the snow.  Thankfully none of them caused much if any damage  however I am not looking forward to their disposal (more on that down the road).

Broken Trees

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