Second Bedroom Makeover – Pt.1

We did it! Only 29-months after moving in and the upstairs is finally free of wallpaper! We started removing the last of it from the second bedroom a couple of months ago when we decided to start the makeover.



We were prepared to score, steam and scrape for the entire weekend so it was a pleasant surprise when the wallpaper peeled off with ease; until we spotted the mold. What began as a fairly simple & straight-forward project turned into weeks of complications & headaches. It took us approximately 10-minutes to finish removing all of the wallpaper and almost three weeks to scrape the mold. (Which may have had something to do with my motivation but thankfully I had Peddy to nudge me along!)

Progress: Uncovering the mold.

Uncovering the mold….

When it came to scraping the moldy plaster I was sure to always wear the same old clothes from head to toe (because I planned to toss them after this lovely project), a respirator graded for lead and mold removal, eye protection and exam gloves. Scraping the plaster turned out to be much harder than I had originally thought it would be, since portions had already fallen away with the removal of the wallpaper. About five days in and I had only managed to scrape a 4′ x 4′ section, so Peddy and I made an executive decision to focus only on the moldy areas instead of trying to scrape the entire top layer of plaster off; which still meant we had a lot of wall to scrape. The downside to doing it this way was that it left the wall with a lot of uneven patches, but we can live with them for the short-term.

Once we agreed that it was satisfactorily completed it was time to break out the joint compound material!

Progress: Mold Scraped

Making progress on the mold removal…. Sorry for the poor picture quality.

We filled in the nail holes, evened out a couple of areas for cosmetic reasons and also had to fill in the seam between the two walls which had been wallpapered. The seam took us a few coats but I think it came out quite well, if I do say so myself.

After the first coat of texture was on I was amazed at the night and day difference it made. After the second coat we were almost content to just leave the walls as they were but, after months of being undecided I had finally chosen a paint color and was anxious to get it on the walls.

Before the painting could commence there was one more area to texture, the ceiling. In order for that to happen we first had to scrape off the existing texture so we could start fresh. Who could have predicted that we would have yet another curve ball thrown our way?

Ceiling Before

Ceiling Before

When scraping the ceiling I tried to remove all the existing texture down to the drywall but, some patches were stubborn and I could not remove all the remnants, so I decided to move on once they felt smooth. When I started applying the texture, the moisture began causing the remnant to peel and it quickly looked worse than before I started. As I left the first coat to dry I had high hopes that a second coat would help (mainly because I had no idea what the heck I would do if it didn’t!) Once the first coat was dry I thought it would be a good idea to scrape any areas that had started peeling. As I rolled on the second coat an overwhelming sense of joy came over me as it went on without any issues. Even though there are still some unattractive spots I think the end result is definitely an improvement over the original (at the very least those ugly old glow-in-the-dark stickers are down!).

Ceiling After

Ceiling After

Finally it was time to paint!! I had not used the painters tape to cover the trim, outlets and vents when texturing but decided to do so before I began painting. My heart started racing as I popped the lid off the paint can and peered in at the color, this was it, after many undecided months I had finally chosen a color: Beach Trail by Behr (230A-2).

Paint Color

Wall Color

Four hours and 3/4 a can of paint later the first coat was finished. Any doubt I had in my mind regarding the color had melted away as the room transformed from a stark white into a warm peach (which Peddy calls pink, but it’s not!). After I finished admiring my work (aka the color) I had to decide whether to leave the painters tape on or peel it off to ensure a smooth edge. (Our long-term plan includes gutting and rebuilding this room which meant we weren’t keen on investing a lot more money into materials when it will all be torn down in the future.) But since it was dark outside when I finished I decided to leave the tape on in-case the room needed a second coat. In the morning we opened the shades and let sunlight fill the room as we looked for any spots in need of some TLC, lucky for us there weren’t many. We both agreed that for the time being we would just break out a paint brush to fix a few spots the roller had missed to save ourselves the money of purchasing another can of paint. We went around the room and marked the white spots with small pieces of painters tape so that we could work on them later in the day when there wasn’t as much sunlight.

Progress: Touching up some areas.

Once all the touch-ups were done, it was time to start painting the trim. To save ourselves some money we opted to use a color we already had from our living room update. Cafe Cream by Behr (UL140-12). Because a lot of our updating happens in the evenings, after a long days work, we decided to work on one wall at a time to make it easier on ourselves. Thankfully the only area the only area we had to use the painters tape on was the hardwood floor which butted up to the baseboards.


It took us a couple of days and two coats of paint but the paining portion of our little makeover is finished!!  Peddy surprised me by putting up the new light fixture while I was at work today and it looks fantastic. This room is finally coming together! Please check back soon for another update!!




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