Second Bedroom Makeover – Pt.2

The last time we checked in on the second bedroom we had just completed part 1 of our makeover; including the wallpaper removal, mold scraping and painting. Peddy had also surprised me by installing our new light fixture! Part 2 of our makeover entails changing out the area rug and cleaning the hardwood floors underneath, installing new wall plates and spray painting the air vents.

Here’s a quick reminder of what we started with…


First things first, we cleared out the few items that remained and vacuumed the rug so it would be ready for its new home in the basement. I was a little nervous as we rolled it up to reveal the hardwood floor because with our track record I was sure another surprise was lurking below.

Old Pinkish-Red Carpet

Luckily it was just some normal wear and tear and nothing a little TLC couldn’t fix.

2nd Bedroom HWFloor before

Eventually we plan to sand and re-stain both bedroom floors so for now we settled for the good ‘ole sweep and Swiffer treatment.

2nd Bedroom HWFloor After

Our new area rug was a great Craigslist purchase for $50 last spring and has been residing in our basement ever since. We never really planned to bring it upstairs but in the spirit of being thrifty we decided to switch out the old pink rug from the second bedroom with the cream Craigslist rug in the basement because the peach walls with the old pink rug was just an eye sore.

2nd Bedroom New Area Rig

Once the rugs were switched we got to work on arranging the decor. Eventually we will get a futon and create more of a guest room but for the moment it best meets our needs as the pet room. We set up Lina’s crate in the far left corner and angled it towards the door. Then we started arranging the remaining items around the room. When we began the makeover we had moved a majority of the items from the room to new homes, so luckily we didn’t have a lot we needed to put back.

2nd Bedroom Empty Corner

However, something still felt a little off so we decided to fill Peddy’s old camel pack with pillows and clothes to balance out the room. We started with some spare pillows from the living room and ending up scavenging the house for spare clothes to store in the camel pack. (If I hadn’t know better I’d have thought we’d stumbled upon Mary Poppins carpet bag, but no such luck… :-P)

2nd Bedroom Camel Pack

Thankfully it did just the trick and the room felt a lot more balanced with it under the window. After a quick trip to the Home Depot we were able to finish the room off with new wall plates for all but the 20-amp electrical outlet.

2nd Bedroom After

We still plan to spray paint the air vent covers but we wanted to get a little further along with some of our other projects and hopefully do the covers in some of the other rooms while we’re at it.

Please come back soon, there is lots to update you on and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!!

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      Thanks for stopping by! Your feedback is always greatly appreciated! I do not always have the easiest time writing but it helps that we keep starting new projects so I alway have content.

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