Paw Prints in the Rain

This project has been on the back burner for awhile now and what better than a rainy weekend to finally cross it off the list. Since our animals are so dear to us I thought it would be fun to do an art project with them. I had an old canvas lying around in my craft drawer along with a rainbow of paint colors, so I thought I would try to keep it cheap and use what I already had. It took me awhile  to decide how I wanted to organize the paw prints on the canvas, but in the end I opted to invisibly section it into 3 columns. I haven’t decided where to hang it but I think I’d like to showcase it in some type of collage. Once I figure it out I’ll let you know. In the meantime if you’re interest you can find the instructions below. Thanks for reading, hope you’ll check back soon!

Supplies Used:

  • Paper to cover your work area. (I used different flyers which we had just received in the mail.)
  • Towels (I used paper towels and 2 cloth towels)
  • Cup or Bowl of clean water (to dip your pets paw into)
  • Tin Pie Pan (A sturdy paper plate would work great also)
  • 11″ x 14″ canvas
  • Three different colored craft paints by Apple Barrel Colors (This is a non-toxic, water-based paint. Very important when dealing with animals or kids.)


**I painted the entire canvas a solid color the day before the paw prints so I could be sure it was dry.**

The first step is to prepare your work space. (You can tweak this based on your preferences and surroundings. Example: If I’d done this project outside I would not have covered the ground.)

  • Cover your work space (I covered the floor with flyers we’d recently received and a large old beach towel.)
  • Make sure you have a clean container of water and a good towel supply handy.
  • Set the canvas out in an easily accessible area. (You’ll want to grab it quickly once you’ve dipped your pets paw.)
  • Dispense a small amount of paint (you need only enough to cover the bottom of their paw) into the pie tin (or whatever you are using). Set this just in front of where you’ll position you’re pet.
  • Quickly double check that you have all of your supplies!! It will be much easier to grab anything you forgot  before you begin.

Next, go get you pet. Have them sit next to your work station or hold them. (I held both our cats so they couldn’t run away but Lina stood in place for the whole thing.)

Grasp the leg closest to you just above the paw firmly enough that they can not pull their paw away but don’t squeeze too hard!!

Carefully dip their paw into the paint and remove it by pulling directly up (you don’t want a lot of paint on the fur surrounding their paw pads). Continue to hold their leg and switch the position of the pie tin and the canvas. Position the canvas under your pets paw and gently press down. It may take you a few tries to get a perfect print, as you can tell a lot of the print on my canvas are not perfect, so if you are going for just one I’d do a few test ones on a sheet of paper. Repeat this process as many times as you would like. [Tip: Let the canvas dry between colors and or pets to help prevent smearing.]

Immediately after, place you pets paw in the container of water you have nearby to “rinse” it. Be sure to have towels nearby!! Depending on the pain you use you may need to gently scrub your pets paw to get all the paint off. (I used paper towels at first to remove a majority of the paint and then switched to an old cloth hand towel for a little more durability in those hard to reach areas that paint seeps into.) Be sure not to leave any paint on your pets paw for them to lick!!

I had to pick animal fur off our canvas so check yours and carefully remove if you’d like. Keep the canvas flat as it dries and out of your pets reach.

Have Fun and Good Luck!


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