Oh the Basement….

Spring brings warmer weather which I LOVE because I am always cold, so the warmer the better, we can open the windows to let the fresh air in, Lina (the dog) wants to go outside more, we can actually enjoy the outdoors inside (flowers) and out and my winter blues gone!! Unfortunately, it also means rainy & unpredictable weather, muddy carpets and lots and lots of bugs. Recently we moved some of my boyfriends business supplies back to our home due to the fact that the space he was using prior became unsanitary. Not surprisingly, but none the less upsetting, this has now resulted in an ant infestation in our basement. So, to hopefully resolve the problem, I have purchased 2 packs of Raid ant baits and have scattered them around the basement (as well as putting 1 in our kitchen, just to be safe).


Does anyone have any suggestions on other ways to get rid of ants….or any bugs (ESPECIALLY SPIDERS) for that matter??
I will keep you updated on the ant situation, hopefully they will be gone soon!!

As if the ant’s weren’t bad enough, we have been struggling to have a habitable basement since before we moved in. The previous owner had a sump pump installed and what was once a “finished” basement (by 1960’s standards) became a partially gutted and completely inhabitable space. 1/3 of the basement was left untouched leaving the wood-panels covered in flowered or the oh-so-fashionable red velvet wallpaper very much intact, 1/3 was gutted down to the foundation walls and the remaining 1/3 was partially gutted leaving asbestos insulation out for all to see and inhale. Up until this point the basement has only been used for storing a minimum amount of our stuff.
A couple of weekends ago my boyfriend go very motivated to get the basement to a habitable state (or at least to a state where we can comfortably keep a litter box down there). So we purchased three sheets of the cheapest drywall Home Depot had to offer (less than $6.00 a sheet) and the two of us miraculously (mainly by my boyfriends doing, since I am a little weakling) managed to get them into our SUV and make it home without much hassle. Carrying them to the basement, thankfully, wasn’t much more eventful. The first sheet we hung wasn’t up quite as high as we wanted but the second sheet went right into place. The third sheet was the most difficult due to the shape we needed it to be and while trying to get it into place a small section broke off, leaving us wondering just how we will fix it. But we have saved that problem for another day. Two more drywall sheets and it finally looks like a wall again. We still have a few smaller sections to fix up but we are slowly chipping away.


Just a few more coats of mud and the wall will soon be ready for a new color 🙂 I can’t wait….that’s my favorite part.


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