I’m Back!

Happy May Day!
I’m back. Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, the past few months have been interesting, so I will just quickly recap them for you.

Around Christmas Peddy was offered a job that temporarily took him overseas. He left right after the New Year leaving me and the four-legged ‘kiddos’ to survive winter alone. Knowing that I would need to keep myself occupied during his absence I devised a list of ‘Kallie’ projects to work on. (Basically easy projects that didn’t require many if any power tools.) Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for his absence and the short, cold, VERY cold winter days to take their toll and completely knock out any motivation I once had. After a few weeks of passively looking over my list I decided I couldn’t procrastinate anymore.

Thankfully as the days went by my motivation sloooowly started to return and I began crossing off some of the projects on my list, like sorting through and organizing my bins of “crap” in the basement and organizing all of our closets. When Peddy finally came home the house was in better shape than when he left but not nearly as far along as I planned.

Now that spring is slowly rolling in I have once again gained some motivation and am in the midst of working on some new posts (aka projects) which should be up in the next week or two. I also gained a great deal of motivation after discovering that we would be having company come to look at the house. There is no motivation like company motivation. So after a long weekend of nothing but cleaning, the house is looking better than it ever has. (Now would be a great time for me to film a walk-through video… but one thing at a time!) With any luck I will be able to sustain the cleanliness that we now live in and fill my time with fun projects instead of cleaning. Wish me luck!

Did you go into hibernation mode over the winter? Tackle any projects?

Our favorite winter activity!

This is what most of our winter months looked like.

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