How to Remove Wax from Carpet

Over the weekend I accidentally left our candle warmer on when we went out to do an errand; upon returning we discovered it had been knocked to one side and its contents splattered over our wall and carpet.

Wax Spill

I wasn’t very concerned about the wall (the wax scraped off quite easily with a razor blade) but the carpet was a different story. Lucky for me it turned out to be one of the easiest spills (on carpet) that I have ever cleaned up.

What you’ll need:
-A piece of cloth (you don’t mind tossing out)
-An iron

During my research I came across a lot of information that suggested using a dull instrument to scrape up as much wax as possible before ironing. Personally, I found this step to be a waste of time and quickly moved on. (If you do choose to start here make sure that you vacuum the area well prior to the next step!)

Spooning Wax

For this next step I decided to use an old sock (which I was planning to toss already) VS. a towel or wash cloth which were used in many of the tutorials I found. I tore the sock in half and placed it over a few spots of wax that were the least visible to start… just in case.

Wax, Sock b4

I used a pre-heated iron over the sock to melt the wax below…

Iron Wax

and made sure to check the spots periodically to ensure it wasn’t doing any damage to the carpet.

Wax in Sock

The sock did a great job absorbing the wax and I didn’t even have to rub the spots to get it all up!

Half Wax

All-in-all it took me about 15 minutes to remove all the wax from the carpet and another 5 to get it all off the wall but now you’d never know what happened!!

Wax Done

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