Head start on the Holidays

As I sat here trying to decide what to write about, I drew blanks over and over again. The renovation whirlwind that has been our lives for the past two years has dwindled down to a slight breeze (temporarily); mainly due to the fact that we could no longer keep up with everything. Summer is the busiest time of year for Peddy’s business, consuming most of the free time we would otherwise spend working on the house. In addition to the limited hours we’ve had available we also had some emergency expenses pop-up (big surprise) including a broken refrigerator (purchased new 2 years ago) and multiple car issues. Thankfully Peddy is not only gifted when it comes to home renovations but car repairs as well.  As we near autumn our project load is starting to pick up again, we will be continuing our basement makeover as well as trying to wrap up some of the loose ends upstairs. More on these in the near future!

In the mean time I thought I would touch on another subject (and some projects) which have been filling my mind for the past few weeks. The change of seasons (and Pinterest- if I am to be truly honest) has started filling my head with wonderful holiday ideas. Halloween has never been a highly celebrated holiday at our house, the mid-west is not the most Halloween friendly area (most costumes are not designed with 40 or 30 degree weather in mind), trick-or-treaters run scarce on our street and I’m usually growing grumpy due to the drop in the temperature. In years past we have purchased pumpkins to display out front, where they sit for weeks, eventually rotting or becoming food for the neighborhood squirrels.  So this year I am going to forgo any Halloween decorations and instead focus my time and money on my favorite holiday…. Christmas.

Last year we were on a cruise over Christmas so the only thing I put out were the window clings, but not this year, this year I’m going all out. I caught the craft bug in 2010 and made this wreathwhich gets proudly displayed on our front door above the Christmas mat to welcome our guest inside. Next month I will attempt to create a tomato cage Christmas tree for the front porch to add a little more sparkle to the outdoor.  I am also trying to duplicate this canvas (http://pinterest.com/pin/265571709247889051/) to hang in place of the current photograph in our hallway. I want Christmas to smack people in the face when they walk through the door and then surround them with warmth and happiness. One of the greatest things Christmas time brings is family (close friends included). In my family it’s the one time of year where people will create free time in their schedule to spend time with the people who mean the most in life. That is one of the main reasons why I have decided to send out our first Christmas newsletter. I’ve always mailed out cards but I am finding as we get older it is getting harder to connect with people as frequently as we’d like. I think it will be a great way to fill people in on what we’ve been up to the past 12 months. I still haven’t decided if I will send the newsletter out to select people or everyone on the list, it will depend on how personal the letter ends up being I guess. For now I’m going to turn my attention to a holiday which can not be overlooked, Thanksgiving, the one time of year I happily volunteer to make a three coarse meal which leaves us with leftovers for weeks. I’m even going to attempt to make a pie from scratch this year. Wish me luck and let the holiday fun being!!

*Check back soon to see what we’ve been up to the past month with the house, new post in the works.*

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