Easily Clean Pet Bowls & Toys

In a perfect world I would wash my pets food bowls after every meal, but who has time for that? Honestly, I struggle to keep up with my own dishes. With that being said it was definitely time to give Lina’s bowl a good cleaning.

Pet Bowl Before (Main)In the past, I’ve spent countless hours trying to scrub this bowl clean, but since then I’ve discovered a much easier way.

A quick google search led me to articles recommending bleach-water soaks and baking soda, salt scrubs. Personally, I didn’t like the idea of soaking my pets food bowl in bleach and I was trying to avoid as much scrubbing as possible. (Been there, done that!)

The solution? A White Vinegar, Warm Water soak. (Seriously, it’s works magic!)

Pet Bowl Soak

Mix approximately one (1) gallon of water and four (4) cups vinegar in a medium sized container. Small items (that can be completely submersed) should be soaked for 30-45 minutes. Larger items may need to be rotated in the solution in order to cover all surfaces. In this case, soak items for about 15-20 minutes before rotating.
Once the entire item has been soaked, hand wash with warm water and dish soap (I like Dawn ultra).

Pet Bowl Wash

Ta-Da! Good as New!

Pet Bowl After

It works great on toys too! Check out this before and after of the puzzle toy pictured above.

Pet Puzzle BeforePet Puzzle After


Have another pet safe cleaning recommendation?
Did you try this simple cleaning recipe? Let us know what you think.
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