Cleaning out my Closets

Sorry to keep you waiting! I wanted to fill you in on what I had done over the winter and then quickly realized that I’d done almost nothing. Luckily I came across a few project photos when browsing my camera and quickly got to work writing this post. I know I had mentioned in my last post that this past winter was a doozy and that it had knocked almost all motivation out of me, but I guess I hadn’t realized how much until I was searching for a project to write about. Anyways, I was able to complete one project that I’ve been putting off for quite some time….organizing the hallway closets. (I’ve also been wanting to paint them but with no white paint on hand I decided to put that off for another day.)

Over the past year or so the closets have become fairly unorganized. Not only have we accumulated more stuff but we’ve also gotten into a habit of just throw thing into them and considering them “put away”. We don’t have much storage space in our house so we need to utilize what we do have efficiently. With that being said here’s what I started with…

Hall Closet 1 Before First things first, I pulled everything out from the coat closet in order to see what kind of inventory we had and to give the closet a good cleaning. Once everything was out I dusted the shelves and wiped them down with a disinfectant, swept the floor and used a magic eraser to clean off marks from the wall.

Hall Closet 1 wall before

Hall Closet 1 wall after

When I felt the closet was sufficiently clean it was time to neatly put everything back. It was starting to come together when I suddenly realized we needed more shelving or it was quickly going to go back to an unorganized, jumbled state.

Hall Closet 1 Progress

After scouring the house for some type of shelving unit that would fit in the closet and still allow me to store our vacuum and some other larger items, I came up empty-handed. I then remembered these cheap white organizers my mom used to have when I was young and hopped on the internet to track down a store where I could pick on up. Unfortunately I didn’t have much luck with that either and eventually just called my mom to see if she still had any lying around. Thankfully she did so I went to pick it up the next day! (I eventually ended up finding one at Home Depot in case anyone could use one.)

Hall Closet 1 Shelving

It was perfect! It gave me a little more vertical storage space for some of the smaller items without taking up much floor space. Fifteen minutes later and the coat closet had never looked better! I was even smart enough to bring our hat and glove storage over from the linen closet, why we’d kept it there I shall never know.

Hall Closet 1 After

Once I’d finished the coat closet I moved on to the linen closet where I again removed every item, dusted and disinfected all the shelves. Once I started putting everything away I found that I even had enough room to store our extra blankets versus keeping them in a bin in the basement! This closet did take me a little more time just because we keep a lot of extra toiletries in it but it was well worth the time to know where everything is.

Hall Closet 2 Before

Hall Closet 2 AfterIt was a great way to jump-start my spring cleaning since I was able to toss expired and useless items as well as start a donation pile for some of the nicer things that I just no longer wanted.  All-in-all I am very happy it’s done but I do wish that I would have been able to freshen them both up with a new paint job and shelf liners. But I guess that will give me something to write about at a later date.

So now that I’ve been getting rid of some stuff does anyone have any thoughts on holding a garage sale? All opinions greatly appreciated!!

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