Celebrating 6 years of Love WHL Style

Last month Peddy and I celebrated our six-year anniversary in true homeowner fashion… with a trip to Ikea! However, seeing as there is no Ikea in Wisconsin that meant we were in for a mini road trip. So we packed the car (mainly with snacks) and set off for the Land of Lincoln!

IL Ikea Map

Along the way we drove through a tiny town where we came upon what looked like a junk yard, that is until Peddy caught a glimpse of a Vietnam War plane hanging out by the side of the road. A U-turn quickly ensued… which turned out to be one of the best decisions we made all day! After winding our way through the “treasures” outdoors in order to take a closer look at that eye-catching plane (which was in surprisingly good condition….if you’re in the market for something like that) we decided to wander inside.

Vietnam War Plane

Have you ever seen the show hoarders? Well if you have, the image you have in your head right now is exactly what we stepped into… except everything was for sale (and we didn’t feel like we needed hazmat suits, thank gawd!). We first stepped into a room which slightly resembled a kitchen, once you looked past the piles upon piles upon piles of stuff lining every imaginable surface, and quickly made our way over to the next room which was three times larger than the previous but just as cluttered. Unfortunately I couldn’t grab any photos inside but here are a few outdoor shots to give you an idea.

Antique Clutter

Antique Clutter 2

It was a little overwhelming at first and I didn’t know where to start looking but once something caught my eye it was easy to keep digging. When all was said and done we walked out with: a large glass jug (not pictured- which has become our vacation fund), 1) bookends (they were so similar to a set we already have we couldn’t pass ’em up), 2) a painting (still needing a frame), 3) a lamp with no shade (can’t wait to give this guy a makeover!!), and 4) a Sunbeam mixer (complete with 2 ceramic bowls and juicer) all for around $70…SCORE!

Antiques #1 Purchases

We thought we’d test our luck again when we spotted an antique mall a few towns over. I can’t say that I have been to very many antique malls, and seeing where we’d just come from perhaps my opinion was clouded, but boy was this place organized! It still took us a few hours to work our way through the three stories of antiques, all conveniently sorted into categories, and although most of it was a little out of our price range (more collector than renovator) we had fun looking and got to see some awesome items that inspired us for next time. Don’t worry though, I didn’t leave empty-handed! I couldn’t pass up these knitting needles ($1.50 each and sizes I don’t currently have) or these cookie cutters ($0.75 each).

Antiques #2 Purchases

When we finally arrived at Ikea it was a mad house…. guess we had forgotten about all the college kids and back-to-school shopping. Still, we were on a mission and nothing was going to get in our way!

We had come with a short list of items we were hoping to find, knowing full well that the spontaneity of Ikea would win over anyways. Nonetheless should we happen upon: 1) a new stock pot, 2) large bath towels, 3) new kitchen light, or 4) matching, multi-sized picture frames it would be a successful trip!

Ikea Purchases

Turns out it was our lucky day because we found all that and… 5) a lamp shade for my new lamp, 6) new Tupperware, 7) a funny hook for Lina’s leash, 8) decorative broken glass, 9) new bed sheets and last but not least 10) a new cutting board that we hope to swap out with current ‘built-in’ one.

Overall we had a great day and the best part was getting to spend time together doing something different and fun (which is always our main goal!). Plus, now we even have a few more project lined up for the colder months headed our way. We’ve already discussed future plans to return to the first antique shop and inevitably there will be many more Ikea trips.

Kallie leaving our first stop.

Have you celebrated your love recently? Saved up for some new household items or perhaps founds something in need of a little TLC?

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