All the Trimmings…

Holy Moly…. could someone please explain to me where all the time goes?! Mine seems to be disappearing.

Now that its been over A MONTH (how did that happen?) since we wrapped up our whirlwind weekend I think it’s definitely time for a wrap up post. So without further ado let’s get to it.

Besides our kitchen backsplash I think the most excited project we completed was getting the trim up around our front door. We purchased our new door back in 2011 and had it installed shortly after… but that’s where we left off. We were a little apprehensive to tackle the trim work ourselves after a previous trim project gone wrong, but after many months of unfinishedness staring at us, we figured it couldn’t hurt to try again.

Ft Door Before

The trim was a $20 Habitat Restore score and the two 4″ x 18′ pieces were just enough to make it all the way around the door frame! Side Note: We had two conditions when shopping for our new door trim 1) it had to be the right length and 2) it had to be the right price (cheap!). Eventually we want to replace all the trim throughout the house (at the same time) so that it all matches.

A few weeks earlier we had done some prep work by measuring and marking a 1/4″ reveal all the way around the door frame. (Check out the diagram picture below!)

FtDoor No Casing

While the grout for the backsplash set and I began painting our hallway, Peddy got to work taking the measurements for the trim. He added 1/8″ to each side that he planned to make a 45° cut and then measured and marked the trim to those measurements.

FtDoor Top Casing

He chose to start with the top piece,  using a miter saw he cut each side of the trim at a 45° angle.  Next, I helped hold the piece steady while Peddy nailed it into place with finishing nails (the nails we used were 2″ long). He then repeated the same process for the right side, this time only cutting the top edge at a 45° angle and leaving the bottom straight to meet up with the floor.


The left side required a little more planning since we had to use two pieces of trim.  Starting with the largest section we had left Peddy prepared it for the upper portion (aka the 45° cut) on the left side. Once this section was nailed into place we measured and cut the remaining section out of a smaller piece of trim. FtDoorLeftUp

When all the trim was finally in place the last thing left to do was to trim the baseboard on either side of the door, since our new trim was about an inch wider than the old trim. When all was said and done we sat down on the couch and enjoyed our new view!

FtDoorDoneIn addition to the door trim (and previously mentioned projects) we also installed the new mantel Peddy scored at the Habitat Restrore for $5!


Installing the mantel turned out to be rather easy and only took us about 15 minutes. The mantel itself pulled apart into two sections making for an easy install!! Our first obstacle was deciding if we would center it on the wall or over the fireplace (no, our fireplace is not centered in the wall), thankfully that decision seemed like a no brainer and we went ahead centering it over the fireplace.

After we decided on the placement we began measuring the width of both the new mantel and the fireplace. Once we found the center point for both it was as easy as lining the marks up with one another. I held the back piece in place while Peddy secured it to the wall. Once all the screws were in place we popped the front piece on and stood back to admire our work.


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