A Little Privacy Please

Now that the cold weather is creeping in Peddy and I have been spending a majority of our free time trying to winterizing the house and finish a few outdoor projects. We are slowly making progress, so more on those soon! Today’s post is all about a fun, spontaneous, bonus project that I picked up while out on a supply run.

You see, our bathroom window faces a busy thoroughfare and even though the view does get partially blocked by some of our trees I still worry there’s a peeping Tom out there, so we keep the shades down 90% of the time. We’ve talked about long-term solutions to this problem, like installing a porthole or awning window, but with a total renovation still out of reach we figured we’d just have to deal until the time money came.  You can probably imagine my excitement when I came across Rust-Oleums Frosted Glass spray paint and ever more excited when I saw the price was only $4.98 a can!!

Frost Before

Once we were home Peddy was nice enough to caulk the bathroom window so that I could ‘frost’ it that evening. (For some reason caulking first seemed the most logical!)

While the caulk was drying I read the instructions carefully and decided that even though we don’t care about the aesthetics of the window (we are more aiming at it being functional for the time being) it would be best for me to tape the wood directly surrounding the glass. So all-in-all I only needed two supplies: the paint and painters tape.

Frosted Spray

Before I started spraying I made sure to open the window for some air flow (and added a fan to the mix between coats due to the overpowering smell). Moving quickly and evenly I sprayed the window until it looked damp (as the instructions stated) and then waited the recommended 10 minutes for it to dry before spraying the second coat.

Window Progress

I followed the same procedure for the second coat, spraying the window until it looked damp and then removed the painters tape so it would leave a nice clean edge. (I have learned from experience that if you let the paint dry before removing the tape there is a good chance you’ll get some uneven edges.)

Frost first coat

And here is what it looks like now!

Frost After

It’s not perfect but its 10x better than it was! I’m still in the habit of closing the shades before a shower or when it’s dark out but it’s incredible how much of a difference a little sunlight can make! (It even makes our hallway brighter!!)

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